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Join Our Private Community of Community Builders

Learn.Community is a community for community builders just like you! Whether you’re looking to launch your first online community, or looking to scale an existing community, this community has everything you need. Hundreds of like-minded members, weekly workshops, challenges, unlimited Q&A and a complete step-by-step learning pathway.

The support you need to build a thriving online community

Community building is not easy! There’s a ton of moving parts – from member management to onboarding, promotion, churn, content creation and more. It’s no wonder that so many communities fail, or worse – fail to even launch!

Learn.Community was created to support community builders everywhere. It’s a place where you can get help from like-minded members who are going through the same struggles as you. You can post the difficult questions you may not feel comfortable sharing on your public channels, and get practical help, guaranteed.

Learn.Community is an opportunity to get the help, support and clarity that you need to build a meaningful, sustainable and successful community in 2022 and beyond.

Tom is a master of his craft. Lots of people refer to me as ‘the community guy’, but I just learn from Tom who is on another level. Follow him and find out for yourself.

Dan Murray-Serter (CEO and Co-Founder at Heights)

Learn.Community. The best place to make real progress building your online community

Anyone who knows me knows that I pride myself on over-delivering. Learn.Community is no exception. I built Learn.Community to be the definitive place for community builders to get the help, support and clarity they need.

What’s waiting for you inside

  • Weekly workshops, teaching practical community building strategies
  • A forum where you can ask unlimited community questions
  • Access to our flagship Community Course: Build a Thriving Online Community
  • A complete learning pathway, teaching community building from planning to scaling
  • Like-minded community builders from all over the world
  • Support and encouragement from fellow members
  • A vast, growing library of community videos and content

Weekly Workshops teaching practical community strategy

Each week we host super practical community building workshops. These include:

  • Strategic workshops: teaching everything from how to attracting more members, to how to properly onboard community members and boosting community engagement.
  • Monthly AMAs: Tom answers your community questions live.
  • Deep Dives: a super popular series where we analyse and discuss successful member communities – from 5-figure community launches, to complete community audits.
  • Guest-experts: we bring in leaders from the community field to share their value with our members.

Unlimited help with questions

Often community leaders will take a back seat in their own communities. At Learn.Community, Tom is so passionate about helping every member that he personally responds to each and every question in our forums. You’re guaranteed to get an in depth and practical response to all/any questions you have. Of course in addition to Tom and his team, you’ll benefit from the varying perspectives and experiences of your fellow members.

A comprehensive learning pathway

We’ve spent months developing a comprehensive learning pathway, walking you through each stage of community building. Discover the following modules, each packed with practical, actionable lessons to help you:

  • Value: defining your community’s value proposition. Ensuring ample value for you, the community leader.
  • Community models: understanding different types of communities and which may be best for you.
  • Finding members: where and how to attract your early founding members. How to handle the application process.
  • Platforms and structure: how to pick the right platform for your community. How to structure your community.
  • Launching: how to ensure a successful launch for your community.
  • Early stages: encouraging early engagement and member connections, maintaining excitement post launch.
  • Scaling: growing your member base, expanding your community, managing members long-term, reaching your business goals.

We also regularly add to this Knowledge Base, as members find answers to new questions, we’ll store these learnings in the appropriate section of our learning pathway.

A warm community of supportive, like-minded members

When it comes to community, people always come first. We’re incredibly selective about who we let into Learn.Community and as a result, we’re proud to serve some of the kindest, most amazing people in the community space. We encourage a culture of positivity and diversity, where all questions and ideas are welcomed. We cater to members at all stages, and have built a safe, private community space where members can be vulnerable, be open, and most importantly, be themselves.

Join Learn.Community

You can join Learn.Community in just 60 seconds. Here’s what to do next:

Sign up: Create your account and set up your subscription

Create your profile: Once you’re inside the community, you can set up your profile.

Make progress with your community: Once you’re inside the community you can start getting the help you need to grow your online community.

Here’s what Learn.Community members are saying

When joining Learn.Community, I didn’t know much about building a community and was lost with ideas of what I could offer. That quickly changed with Tom’s immense involvement into each and every member’s journey, offering support and advice. I initially thought my community would launch mid-2022, but with all the new knowledge I’ve gained, I feel confident launching in December this year!

Elina Lukas

Learn.Community is a wonderful, warm and welcoming community. Everyone is so willing to help and lift each other up. Tom is an amazing facilitator / educator of this community and continually over-delivers! He is so generous with his time, knowledge and his honesty and integrity set him apart in this industry. I am honored to be apart of the growth of something so amazing.

Jennifer Long

Within just two weeks of joining Learn.Community, I not only had clarity on my ideal community member but I also gained clarity on my brand overall. I’ve made connections with fellow community builders as well as potential future community members. I feel confident I will be able to launch a successful community with Tom’s dedicated guidance and leadership.

Candice Baldwin

Learn.Community is more than just a place to learn community. It is a thriving community in itself. From its engaged members to the over-delivering leader, this is the place to be if you’re wanting to build a community that cares. 

Jacob Cass (Just Creative)

Connecting with others who are undertaking a similar journey as yourself will accelerate the process of building a strong and thriving community. Learn.Community’s whole ecosystem has been phenomenal and impactful in my journey to becoming a better community builder through the people, resources, stories, and feedback.

Robert Tyndale

FAQs about Learn.Community

How much does Learn.Community cost?

Membership to Learn.Community costs $149 per quarter, or $490 per year. Members can cancel their subscriptions any time.

Can I join Learn.Community at any time?

Yes! You can join whenever is right for you.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a full money-back policy within 30 days of purchasing your membership for Learn.Community. It’s really important to us that each of our members is getting tremendous value from being part of the community.

I don’t run an online community yet, is Learn.Community for me?

Not to worry! We offer two key transformations for Learn.Community members. We help aspiring community builders to plan and launch their first online community. We also help folk who are running existing communities to scale and improve them. Our members are at all different stages, so you will likely find members who are earlier in their journey than you, as well as members who are at a more advanced stage with their community. The key is that we can all support and learn from one another.

Do I have to be building a paid community to qualify?

Absolutely not! We help members running a variety of communities, in all different sectors, both paid and free. Part of the value of membership is connecting with others who are building a diverse range of online communities.

Have more questions about membership? Please feel free to contact us.

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