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Coaching for community builders

Are you needing direction building your community? I would love to help. I've advised a wide range of entrepreneurs, from funded start-up CEOs to solo creatives.

One to One Coaching

Tom offers one-to-one coaching to help you tackle your business struggles and find clarity.


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Thad Cox

"Working with Tom has been so impactful that’s there’s a clear distinction between life before Tom (BT) and after Tom (AT). Before Tom I lacked focus and would frequently be ‘spinning my wheels’ switching between shiny objects. This left me depressed at my lack of progress. After working with Tom I am able to stay focused and get so much more done. Not only this but his unique combination of empathy and enthusiasm is infectious. I always come away excited and energised. The other big reason I wanted to work with Tom is his vast knowledge of online marketing and community building. There’s no one better than Tom and I trust him implicitly to continue to help build an online business that will provide both a lucrative future but also one of purpose and fulfilment as I look to share my 22 years of industry experience with my burgeoning audience. Working with Tom is the best investment I’ve made in my business. I urge you to do the same, I promise you won’t regret it."

Kat Lynas

Founder: Drawn to Cats

When I signed up for coaching from Tom I had just been made redundant, I knew I wanted to have an illustration business but I was unclear what form it would take. Tom helped me niche down, clarify my goals, and showed me how to make it happen. Drawn to Cats was the result, a quirky cat themed greetings card business that I’m now scaling.

Tom altered my mindset about community building. The emphasis on building genuine relationships, rather than focusing on vanity metrics struck a chord with me. This lead to making many new connections and friendships with some amazing people. As well as growing my own community, I manage the Procreate Creative Community Facebook group for Design Cuts, so those lessons have been super helpful!

Above all Tom is a really supportive and caring human. He has been brilliant at pushing me when I need it, and yet recognises the importance of self care and balance when times are harder. He’s had a huge impact on my life and creative career. Thanks Tom, you’re the best!